A head from history- 40 (-ish) strokes

Homework complete? Limited to just 40 strokes, using large brushes on a 6×6 inch carton panel. I am struggling with this exercise. My colors are off too.

This painting is a segment of Artemisia Gentileschi’s Self-Portrait as the Allegory of Painting.

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Heads, with limited palette. How little information do I need?

More homework for Catherine Kehoe’s Head class at Mass Art, with thanks to MK (top row – palette: Alizarin Crimson/Ultramarine Blue/Indian Yellow/Titanium White) and Eve (bottom row – palette: Quinacridone Red/Cadmium Yellow Deep/Cobalt Blue/Titanium White ) for their patience.

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How to use 2 mirrors for self portraits

Take 2 12 inch mirrors, duct tape them together on one side and prop up the mirrors so they reflect each other and you’ll see how you actually look to the rest of the world instead of the more familiar mirror image.


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My Debut on the Small Screen


photographer Kara Consigli

Boston Interior Designer Jeanne Finnerty of Finnerty Design selected one of my floral paintings for a cameo appearance above the commode in a house featured on HGTV “A Renovation Lesson” HHRenovation, season 14, episode 12. Find it on a TV near you!


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