I paint from direct observation in both oil and gouache, indoors and out, sometimes in the rain, very, very rarely in the snow.

I returned to oil painting, from the world of child rearing. The abstract expressionism of my education seemed so last century. I leapt even further back with a wooden French easel and headed out into the fresh air. Plein air painting hints of extreme sport with slippery slopes, lightning storms, and skinny-dippers. I’m intrigued by contradictions, carrying a 19th century art kit into the 21st century wondering what makes a piece of the moment.

I’m a member of NAWA – the National Association of Women Artists, Concord Art and the AGC – Artists Group of Charlestown.

Want more? To see earlier paintings and daily drawings, starting in January 2007, go to Carol’s Art Blog

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Carol,
    I saw your work at the Danforth museum patrons’ preview the other night (I have a couple pieces in the show as well), and just wanted to say I thought it was wonderful. Simple shapes, perfect value structure – poetry!

    1. Thanks so much, Chris. There’s a randomness to painting plein air – trying to capture a moment can work or not – and its very satisfying when successful. Your illustration work is very powerful.


  2. Carol I really love your stuff – was crazy about it at small wonders –
    thanks for sharing you – with me…… – I had fun !!! Karla

  3. Carol, I always enjoy your exquisite paintings, you have brought the outdoors to us through your plein air work, thank you, proud to be your friend and former classmate! I hope someday to see you, and your work in person!! Marcia Rodiek Soellner 4-1-13

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