Must be Spring


The miserable winter of 2015 left trees and shrubs in shambles. Pulling broken magnolia branches out of a snow bank, I brought them home  to see if they would bloom. The flowering was only partially successful, but I was very smitten with the resulting painting and started to imagine a series in a larger format. The Thistles, painted summer 2015 and The Cherry Blossoms, just completed are both 30×30 – a huge amount of canvas real estate compared to my more typical canvases. Expect to see more of these.

About Carol

A mild-mannered mom, and wielder of oil paint coated brushes.
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4 Responses to Must be Spring

  1. sooo lovely. spring with tender shoots and blossoms. magnolias were a nice surprise. thank you for sharing. they call out for

  2. jcegglesJim says:

    Sweet! Thanks for posting.

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