Postcards to Maud

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Here’s my painting donation for Postcards to Maud… an artist postcard show to benefit the Chandler Gallery at Maud Morgan Arts.

Chandler Gallery,
20 Sacramento Street,
Cambridge, MA 02138

Dates: August 14 – September 7, 2017.

All works in the exhibit are 6×8 inches Artists “postcards” This is an oil painting on carton board. All will sell for $50 with 50% benefitting the Gallery and its mission.

Maud Morgan Arts is a dynamic arts center that offers a wide range of classes, workshops, and events for all ages. We are committed to providing quality art education to all students who wish to participate, regardless of financial means. Our mission is to transform and inspire individual lives by building community through the arts.

Published by Carol

A mild-mannered mom, and wielder of oil paint coated brushes.

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