Heads, week 10 homework: with Catherine Kehoe at Mass Art

The homework from week 10 – colors are a better match than last week, the drawing not so much. One of the challenges with the use of historical paintings to recreate in these exercises is they are all about subtle techniques and shading; seems simpler to do with a live model lit in the studio.

Objective: Using a tool too crude for detail or nuance, this exercise frees the painter to spend more time mixing the colors at the same time discovering how much can be left out.

Like the previous post – this is a palette knife painting on a 6×6 carton board. In class we always have two models – for homework, if no model is available, we can use paintings from history. This is a self-portrait by Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, Parisian painter of Marie Antoinette and survivor of the revolution.

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