Art in the Time of Corona: week 1

My oil paints are in my studio, my acrylics are in a barn in Vermont and I, now with the attention span of a fruit fly, am sequestered at home with gouache, watercolors, pastels, crayons, inks and, thankfully, paper. It’s been awhile since I’ve used these, and I am expecting a certain amount of pain growth. Let the good times roll.

Today I start with gouache. This is the traditional gouache that originally developed in France while the English developed watercolor. It is opaque, water-soluble, will rewet and has a flat finish. Like watercolor, it can be very portable.

My studio assistant is Alfie. I keep sitting in his favorite chair.

About Carol

A mild-mannered mom, and wielder of oil paint coated brushes.
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1 Response to Art in the Time of Corona: week 1

  1. Nicki says:

    Your daffodil is amazing! Fantastic!

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