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An evening at the MFA

  The MFA has a Drawing in the Galleries program every Wednesday evening. Had a great time there. Sorry – dreadful photos.  

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Head Homework -drawings in charcoal

Again, a couple of charcoal heads from a historical painting: a self-portrait by the Polish painter Anna Bilinska-Bogdanovich (1857-1893) I admire the fearless directness of her self-portrait. This artist died of a heart condition at 36. She was best known … Continue reading

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Saturday – First day painting outside in 2019

  I adore the roof at my studio with its wonderful jumble of compressed urban & working waterfront views. The air is fresh, the gulls hovering and the space is endless. There are bridges, junkyards, freighters, church spires, roof decks … Continue reading

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Heads, week 10 homework: with Catherine Kehoe at Mass Art

The homework from week 10 – colors are a better match than last week, the drawing not so much. One of the challenges with the use of historical paintings to recreate in these exercises is they are all about subtle … Continue reading

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Now for an evening of palette knife

There are times when painting with a palette knife is really satisfying, and tonight, when with the last strokes I added the cheeks hinting of rose, I felt like I did it right. Enjoy your week everyone! The details: 6×6 … Continue reading

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A head from history- 40 (-ish) strokes

This challenge? Homework complete? My colors are off – done in 40 or fewer strokes with a 1 inch brush. The painting I’m using is Artemisia Gentileschi”s Self-Portrait as the Allegory of Painting, 1638–39, Royal Collection. The original and I were both … Continue reading

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Heads, with limited palette. How little information do I need?

More homework for Catherine Kehoe’s Head class at Mass Art, with thanks to MK (top row – palette: Alizarin Crimson/Ultramarine Blue/Indian Yellow/Titanium White) and Eve (bottom row – palette: Quinacridone Red/Cadmium Yellow Deep/Cobalt Blue/Titanium White ) for their patience.

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And now for something completely different . . .

Sunday morning is predicted to be warm and wonderfully autumnal and yet, I won’t be out painting. Wish me luck! But I finished this Thursday night . . .

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