More assignments from 13 Problems

The weeks fly by and the assignments pile up. As I work on the final assignment, I’m trying to understand what I’ve gotten out of this workshop. For me, with an illustrator background and spending more recent years enjoying the rush of plein air – I see how too readily I make compromises to meet a deadlineContinue reading “More assignments from 13 Problems”

Work in Progress: Cyclamen in Rose

 ‪#‎flowerphotochallenge‬: day 5 of 7, a cyclamen work in progress. Oil paint on 8×8 canvas. This is more materials experimentation – no solvents. Here I’m using my traditional oil paints (Gamblin, Winsor Newton and Williamsburg) with a mix of linseed oil (for a bit more flow) and solvent-free daneridge cold wax (to cut the oil shine); I likeContinue reading “Work in Progress: Cyclamen in Rose”

Learning new tricks with old oils

This summer I developed a sensitivity (sensitivity = ranging from lightheaded dizziness to all out room-swirling vertigo) to solvents (paint thinner, with and without odor, turpentine, and mixtures that contain them). I carried on through the plein air season, first focusing on not standing downwind of my solvent filled brush jar and then starting toContinue reading “Learning new tricks with old oils”

A Week of Painting at Art New England with Stanley Bielen

Vermont was at its best – painting, inspiration, friends and wonderful, dramatic skies but not too much rain.   Art New England is a 3 week program of art workshops from Mass College of Art held at Bennington College, a picture perfect summer retreat. (as of today, 7/26 – its not to late to sign upContinue reading “A Week of Painting at Art New England with Stanley Bielen”