To paraphrase the golfers, a bad day of painting beats a good day of everything else

I’m back in the Southwest! Painting, making cookies, watching Jeopardy with my mom, and generally being a nuisance. It’s been cooler and more intermittently cloudy than I expected. Sante Fe was spectacularly snow covered. Tomorrow to Las Cruces to visit with small children and meet a couple of bull dogs.

Grey Sunday and back to the studio – work in progress

Beginnings – the studio has some heat and the fumes from last week’s 1st floor sealant have dissipated. (I’m on the 3rd floor and the fumes drove me out in an hour) Time for studio mode and fresh flowers. I did spend a bit of time filling a trash bag – Open Studios will beContinue reading “Grey Sunday and back to the studio – work in progress”

Boston from Hayden Library – wip

I’m working just between MIT’s Hayden Library and the river. This 11×14 oil paint on linen is slowly progressing, I need a few early evenings with the right amount of sunset. It’s been too cloudy or rainy but this coming weekend is looking good.

Again . . . really? I don’t normally paint this way. Charles River Basin

¬†Another gorgeous summer morning, spent overlooking the Charles River.I think one more visit to finally resolve the guard rails and then to the studio to add a composite element – some classical? runners? This is 20×24 inch linen canvas. Yesterday I spent time in the studio . . .

Again, back to the Longfellow Bridge. (with a better shot)

Trying to suggested while avoiding the finickiness of guardrails has meant return visits to my spot overlooking the Charles. I’m not bored yet, but the painting’s not resolved yet. Now how do I paint the cars?¬† a runner or three perhaps? They just don’t pose!