Summer project now unveiled

KettyleCrop When MIT’s Dewey Library was renovated in 2009, I was invited to create paintings for its lovely pristine walls. I did a color exploration series: 4 30×30 views of Building 10 in different palettes. And the work still resides on the 2nd floor of Dewey Library (Bldg E53 if you are in the neighborhood) and I’ve imagined that people occasionally take a peek.

Early this summer, I learned that those paintings are seen. I was asked to paint another, using the same motif although a bit smaller at 16×16 inches. I was invited to paint the retirement gift for Dr. William Kettyle, the Director of MIT Medical.

KettyleptgThe painting was unveiled at Dr. Kettyle’s retirement reception last Wednesday. My apologies for the quality of the photo – the situation was a bit beyond what my phone could handle. The presentations showed clearly the great respect and affection Dr. Kettlyle’s colleagues hold for him.  Wonderful speeches full of love. I was honored to make my contribution.

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A mild-mannered mom, and wielder of oil paint coated brushes.

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