A lot of time, not so much focus

Unfinished work, summer 2021

There’s been a lot of time spent burning fuel on Route 2 but this autumn should be more focused with Vermont at its best.

Light & White

Painting from observation becomes tricky when the scene is ephemeral. With the fresh morning snow? or just the greenery of 11am? Backlit still life? Sure! Easy Peasy. We set ourselves up for challenges and then complain. This was my February.

Painting Through a Vermont Winter

West River:Isn’t it Spring? – oil on canvas 18×18 inches

I shifted things around and got myself a functioning studio, just a little chilly in February – time to look into diy insulation.

What’s on my easel, 12/9/20

Finished Wednesday morning, the West River from the dining room. Lush wet on wet oil paints using both brushes and palette knives. Oil on canvas, 11×14 inches.

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