Back to the studio – work in progress

img_5569This painting has issues but I’ve got time. Uniquely for me, I’m working from memory (an absolutely gorgeous sunrise drive across the desert seared into my neurons) and a few very poor photos.



Another busy weekend coming up

Coming up this weekend, I’ll have paintings in Roslindale – come find me at Turtle Swamp Brewing! In my free time, when I’m not ordering greeting cards and posting images on line, I’ve moved studios – same building, same hallway, no more luxurious excess space. Pictures will follow once I actually fit everything in and hang my paintings. And then I’ll paint again!

West River VT. motif No.s 1 and 2

Excellent grey day – none of those fast moving shadows streaking across the vista. These 2 paintings are 8 and 6 inches square and a return to my quick study “postcards from . . .” style. I also tried out a new easel, not bad but not perfect.

There have been more creative weeks, but rarely more hectic.

This week’s themes involve cleaning in preparation to moving to a new studio and dang! laid low by a cold! I don’t have time for this! so the chicken soup and honey and lemon drenched tea has been drunk in copious amounts and I’ve emptied my studio of bags of trash. A bit of purging old art is freeing for the psyche – and in some spare moments I’ve been sampling a Japanese brush pen which will take some practice but so far rather satisfying. I also met with the dynamic folks of Roslindale Open Studios – what marketing Rock Stars – coming up on October 19 & 20.


Art in the Park on Saturday in City Square, Charlestown

Come say hi!


Join me today at MIT’s Endicott House in Dedham for Art in the Garden to benefit It’s All About Arts – Youth Scholarship Fund

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