Exercises or Exorcises? Did I mention a productive 3+ months?

2019.04.HeadsWOW! I’m a bit amazed – I knew it but there’s nothing like a Catherine Kehoe  class to ramp up exploration and rethinking the work habits. This semester?  how little do you need to make a head? The vertical image has all my exercises (plus drawings) – each piece presenting a different challenge: B&W, a variety of limited palettes, limited shapes, limited strokes, only knife, color mixing charts, different drawing approaches, and no drawing on the collages (! making art without a net!) Giving up control really can be a good thing.2019.05.05.CatherinesHeadClass

Head Homework -drawings in charcoal

Self-Portrait with Apron and Brushes, 1887

Again, a couple of charcoal heads from a historical painting: a self-portrait by the Polish painter Anna Bilinska-Bogdanovich (1857-1893) I admire the fearless directness of her self-portrait. This artist died of a heart condition at 36. She was best known for her portraits.

Saturday – First day painting outside in 2019


I adore the roof at my studio with its wonderful jumble of compressed urban & working waterfront views. The air is fresh, the gulls hovering and the space is endless. There are bridges, junkyards, freighters, church spires, roof decks and Boston three deckers. Toss in the new casino, the wind turbine and a dramatically changing sky, and it’s all just too much for me. This will be wiped down – lol!

Having a brilliant violin-making woodworker fix the wobbly leg of my dining room chair seems like a horrible waste of talent, but Thanks Dave! – here’s the painting you’ve always wanted!